About GMCR

Who we are

Greater Manchester Community Renewables Limited (GMCR) is a community benefit society, set up and run by volunteers to install community-owned renewable energy across Greater Manchester.

We raise funds to install solar panels on schools and community buildings, helping them save money, reduce their carbon footprint, and inspire children and the community to learn about energy and climate change.

You can download our rules here.

What we’re doing

So far, GMCR has installed solar panels on seven schools in Salford, one in Bury, and a community centre in Partington, funded through community shares.

The panels are held for the benefit of the community, and any surpluses go into a community fund to support local carbon reduction, energy efficiency and environmental education projects.

Find out more about our sites here, and check out our News page for the latest project updates.

The share offer

Our first three share offers raised £350,000 to fund the solar panels on our nine sites, and next summer we hope to launch a new share offer to fund arrays on more local schools and community centres.

Everyone who buys shares becomes a member of GMCR.  In return for helping to fund our solar arrays, members receive share interest of up to 4% per annum, subject to the financial performance of the Society.

To find out more about our share offers, download the 2016, 2018 and 2019 Share Offer documents.

What we’ve achieved

We estimate that our project has so far:

  • generated over 550,000 kWh of clean electricity;
  • prevented 150 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from polluting power stations;
  • saved our partners over £15,000 on their bills.

And over the lifetime of the project, we expect to generate a Community Fund of £190,000 to fund eco-friendly projects in the local community.


GMCR is run by a team of volunteers. If you’d like to help us bring solar panels to more schools and community buildings across Greater Manchester, please get in touch with details of what you like to do, or skills you can offer.


GMCR would like to work in partnership with building owners, so please get in touch if you’re from a school, community centre, public building or place of worship with a good sized roof and are interested in working with us.