About GMCR

Who we are

Greater Manchester Community Renewables Limited (GMCR) is a community benefit society, set up and run by volunteers to install community-owned renewable energy across Greater Manchester.

This is modelled on the success stories of other community energy projects, including Bath and West Community Energy, who provided peer mentorship support to GMCR.

You can download our rules here.

What we’re doing

GMCR has installed solar panels on three schools and a community building, funded through a community share issue. Income is generated from the Feed-in Tariff and the sale of the electricity generated by the panels at a discounted rate to the building users.

The panels are held for the benefit of the community; profits are not distributed amongst the investors, but are available for further carbon reduction, energy efficiency and environmental education projects.

The benefits

We estimate that our project will generate:

  • over 100,000 kWh of clean, green electricity each year, saving around 50 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the first year alone;
  • combined energy bill savings for the sites of almost £50,000 over the life of the project;
  • a Community Fund of over £60,000 to fund eco-friendly projects in the local community.

The share offer

Our first share offer raised the £186,000 we needed to fund the solar panels on our first four sites, and we’re planning to launch another share offer in 2018.

Everyone who invested has become a member of GMCR and will receive share interest of up to 5% per annum, subject to the financial performance of the Society.

To find out more, download our 2016 Share Offer.


The directors of GMCR are all volunteers. If you would like to join GMCR as a volunteer to help bring our enterprise to life, please get in touch with details of what you like to do, or particular skills you can offer.


GMCR would like to work in partnership with building owners, so please get in touch if you are a school, community centre, social landlord, church or you have a good sized roof and are interested in working with us.