We were excited to open our new share offer on Tuesday and have been amazed by the support we’ve received for our project to install solar panels on four primary schools in Salford.

We’ve already received applications for over £50,000 of shares!  To be over one third of the way to our target by the end of week 1 is incredible – but there’s still a long way to go.

Visit our Invest page to find out how you can help us reach our £145,000 target.

This weekend we were out promoting the share offer at Envirolution festival, Friends of the Earth’s Basecamp weekend, and at Patagonia as part of the King Street festival.
Alice at Patagonia Envirolution


Come and see us?

We have lots of activity coming up to promote the share offer including joining in on a canal bike ride from Manchester to Worsley on 7 June, and Manchester Friends of the Earth’s meeting on 12 June on the theme of Powering the Future.

Share our share offer!

Finally, please continue to tell your friends and family about our share offer on Facebook, Twitter, or by sending them a link to our video.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy World Environment Day!