As you may be aware, the closing date for our share offer is tomorrow (Sunday 16 July). We had extended it by a few days while we were waiting for some of the permissions we need and it seems to have come round quickly!

We’ve had some good news this week in relation to permissions:
✅ Prior approval from the local planning authority
✅ Grid connection offer from Electricity North West, so we can export up to 200kW from the site if it’s not needed by the school

We’re in dialogue with the Department for Education about the lease of the roof airspace above the school, alongside the school and both parties’ solicitors.

We’ve raised £190,100 so far – this is more than we’ve ever raised in a single share offer! Thanks to everyone who has invested.

If we can get to £225,000, we can use some GMCR reserves and the new shares to install solar panels on two buildings at the school plus a further 75kW on a third roof area. There is room for more on that roof, so if we beat that target, even better!

We’ll keep you updated on how things go but if you are planning to invest and haven’t done so yet, now is the time!