GMCR is planning a further round of solar installations for summer 2018. Before we can launch a community share offer to raise money for more solar installations, we need to check that the sites are suitable e.g. by commissioning a structural survey of the roof, and doing legal due diligence on the properties before we enter into a lease of the roof.

We would like to thank The Naturesave Trust for providing a grant of £1,500 towards these development costs, so that more schools in Salford can benefit from solar panels. 

If you’re interested in following the development of the new sites, or would like to receive a copy of GMCR’s new share offer when it is published, please get in touch or sign up for our newsletter on our home page.

You can find out more about The Naturesave Trust at their website:  Environmental, Conservation and Community Renewable Energy Grants provided by the Naturesave Trust

The Naturesave Trust is funded by the activities of Naturesave Insurance, the UK’s leading ethical insurance provider for individuals, businesses, charities and community groups.


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